Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Words to live by.....

November 22, 2011

R-E-S-P-E-C-T … That is what He Needs from Me
Renee Swop

This post from Proverbs 31 Woman was really very impactful today.I am not the wife I truly want to be to my husband and this encouraged me to be looking at him in a different way and to encourage him, by my words and attitudes.

God requires this of me and I can be the wife he needs by submitting my will to his.

It's hard to do.. when I am a strong willed person, but it is commanded to me to respect my husband. :) I am trying.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today the flakes began to fall.. actually moving sideways. Not my favorite type of snow. I like the calm, soft straight down type of snow. So beautiful... and not as cold usually.. because the wind is not finding it's way into your house.
Not looking forward to snow at all this year. Usually I am ready. but I must be ready for a move.....
Please Lord, make a way.

God has been so good to us, and we don't love back very well.
I'm praying that my desire for fellowship with my Father will be so overwhelming this next month and into the next year.. that I can't sleep in.. that I can't wait for my time alone with him. I want to crave time in the Word.. just like I crave mashed potatoes. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

today..is gray..

It is grayish outside. looks like it could rain but hasn't.
Inside the lights are bright and the machines are humming.
I need a nap... and it is frowned upon to lay your head down on your desk and take a rest. bummer.
I am getting excited about a trip to Florida.
Wow.. in one year.. a nice trip to CA and one to FL.. what do you know.
Wish I was heading to the Philippines next.
GOing to try to redesign my site.. :)
make it look more fun.
Blessings on you, daughters.

Friday, September 2, 2011

God's work

I am so thankful that God continues to work on me. He works on my through the people around me... through the circumstances in my life, and the things happening to those I love and mainly through HIS WORD.
but how can HE do that if I am not in the Word. HE obviously can't..........
SO, I am trying to be more consistent in my time with HIM.
Yesterday, my friend Peggy and I started a eating plan, called First steps. We watched a video at noon, had a good lunch together and weighed each other. We are committed to getting control of this issue in our life.
:) With God's help we can. Obviously, we can't do it in our own strength. ... obviously.
So, if you read this, pray that we will consistently be doing what is GOOD for our bodies, so that we can present them a living sacrifice... holy, acceptable, pleasing.
:)HE IS ABLE. to accomplish what concerns me today.
to handle anything that comes my way. to do much more than I can ever dream.
:) IF I will let him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 2011

Today is a day where I believe God has revealed himself to me a little more.
Just finished reading Erasing Hell, by Francis Chan.
very good.
Made me see somethings in myself that are negative, things that I have been trying to change in my own strength and can't. Well, maybe I can for a while... but then they are back.
I will now try to change them in God's strength and power and I will trust that He will convict me when I am back to my regular sarcasm, and judgmental spirit.
Poor husband. He has to live with me and I think that I have him really confused.
We are praying about a move. It is hard to think that it can happen. The economy is not on our side. the mess that has to be cleaned up and sold and stored, etc. seems insurmountable. But my God is able. I just don't feel very able right now. And I am tired of moving.. so this has to be IT.
Pray with us. Lets see what God can do and Praise Him together. WOW. :)
HE can do whatever HE wants to do. HE IS GOD!! after all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May.. how did we get here?

It is May 18th today and I am so surprised that we are already over half way through this month. AMAZING!! Soon it will be hot.. at least that is our hope. :) and the summer will be upon us.
CE will be getting ready for Momentum and the fall will be upon us. GOOD grief. how does time go by so fast.
I had a marvelous trip out to CA and was able to spend some real time with Little miss Emma.
I miss her quick smile and dear little face. Miss the rest of family out there also, but her face is the one that is changing quickly.
Caden is here and already 6 weeks old. We have spent one weekend with him. not Enough.
and this weekend Connie and the gang are on their way out to see him.
That will be great.
God has been so good to us. These amazing little grand people are so very marvelous.
We get great joy from them.. even though they are far away.
I am still struggling along learning my Col. 3. enjoying that also and getting some good toe stepping from it. :)
Den is working hard and this weekend has a few jobs from Tom's company. YES. they brought him our of retirement.
so thankful.
GOD is so very good to us.
Praying for the change that we know is coming.. at some point...... We will just wait for the hand of God to lead us along. ;)
love all your dear ones.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am just here to say that I am over the moon.. :) Things have worked out at work.. to cover my place without too much stress on anyone's part.
I do have some sadness for my friend Peggy here as 3 dear friends have passed and their services are all this week. So sorry, dear friend.
But after that comes great JOY. because I am leaving here tomorrow after work and Den and I are going to be driven to Indy by friends. :)
THEN... we will take them to dinner.
We will stay at a hotel near the airport and go by shuttle in the early hours of the am...... to fly out at 5:ish.
in CA SFO at 10:30ish.. Oh wow. I am so ready for that.
I am sure that we will get some lunch at our very very very favorite restaurant in Stockton on the way home. :):... since it will be lunch time. It will be good to see the folks again.
but the weather is going to be something else.. cold.. SNOW??? what.. or at least cold and rain all for the festival on Sat. What a sad day.
Not looking forward to that part.
happens.. rain happens every few years.. It is the time of year.
But my joy remains. .because I am not there for SUN. I am there to be with friends and family.
YEAH YEAH> YEAH> :) SO looking forward to this.